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Sep 2 13 2:50 PM

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For anyone wishing info on the airship R101, may i recomend the airship Heritage Trusts excellent website, full of info on the R101 and most British airships.

more info and drawings pictures on the site at

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Sep 2 13 3:32 PM

Hey thanks for joining!Sorry about the post issue. The anit spam software thinks your spam if you post pics or vids. If your a new member. Looks interesting though. That website is very helpful if you want to learn more about airships in general. is a good place to start to.

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Aug 12 14 12:09 PM

some time ago I plotted the last journey of the R101 in Google Maps, including details/source of each waypoint.
Here is the link:

It took a while to identify the exact location where it went down in today's France. Interstingly the wood it crashed into still exists in almost the same shape as in that days. Only very recently a small trail across a near field was extinguished by agriculture. The wood also shows an section with younger trees than in the rest. This is really intersting and possibly the only remainder of the crash visible today.


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