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Jul 15 13 1:15 PM

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USS Macon was a rigid airship built and operated by the United States Navy for scouting and served as a "flying aircraft carrier", launching biplane fighters. In service for less than two years, in 1935 Macon was damaged in a storm and lost off California's Big Sur coast, The wreckage is listed as USS Macon Airship Remains on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places

USS Macon Crash:
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Mar 10 14 5:09 AM

"Akron"/"Macon" Models

It is rather strange that there are not more models available of the American ZRS-4 and ZRS-5 airships, as they seem to be still rather famous in the US. But almost any time when an airship kit is released, it depicts either the LZ 127 "Graf Zeppelin" or the LZ 129 "Hindenburg". Even the Lindbergh kit of LZ 126 is based on the hull of LZ 127, what is - of course - completely wrong as the two airships did have completely different frameworks. If somebody is interested in the differences, let me know...

The AMT model kit of the two ZRS airships has an excellent hull shape and the fins as well as the control car are also acceptable. Unfortunaltely, the many very fine details, like the X-struts on the fins or the supports of the balancing planes on the rudders and elevators are way out of scale.
A terrible feature on the AMT model kits - also on the "Hindenburg" - is the surface of the hull, which apparently should simulate a fabric covering. If you scale this surface up from the 1/520 scale it will resemble something like machine applied plaster. Therefore, it is highly recommended to very carefully sand down the planed between the longitudinal girders.

Here are two pictures of the most impressive "Macon" model I have ever seen. It has been built by the Californian Jack Clemens.

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